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The impressions that the apartment move will bring primarily depend on the quality of the organization of this process. He can become both a real joy and an Avral. 

To eliminate negative emotions when organizing the transportation of personal belongings, it is worth using the services of professionals. Only the masters of their craft will be able to choose the right car for moving, make a quick careful loading, unpack furniture and much more. In other words, the employees of the logistics company will do everything themselves and free you from unnecessary hassle.

Advantages of professional apartment relocation to Lithuania

Before ordering an apartment move to Lithuania, it is worth paying attention to the obvious positive aspects of professional assistance:

  • Signing the contract. There is a stereotype that it is better to transport personal belongings on your own. This way you will be sure that nothing will be damaged during transportation. Today, transport companies provide an opportunity for the customer to make sure even before the provision of the service that everything will be all right with his things. Thus, in order to protect both parties from any force majeure, a contract is necessarily concluded between them.
  • Cargo insurance. If something breaks or is damaged in the process of transportation, lifting things to the floor or unpacking, the customer may well count on monetary compensation from the cargo carrier.
  • Affordable price for apartment relocation to Lithuania. If you compare all the costs of organizing the transportation of things abroad on your own and the cost of professional logistics services, in the second case you will save significantly. A comprehensive service is always much cheaper.
  • Choosing a suitable vehicle. A car for transporting personal belongings is selected according to the weight and volume of the cargo. This means that you will not have to overpay for an empty space in the back of a car or deliver in several batches.

What should I pay attention to when organizing an apartment move to Lithuania?

Very often apartment moves from Ukraine to Lithuania are made at the beginning or at the end of the month. Therefore, in order for your order to be processed quickly, it is better to apply for delivery in about the fifteenth. Also, do not plan to transport furniture for the weekend. Not all employees of logistics companies work on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays.

In order for moving from Ukraine to Lithuania not to financially affect your budget, at the stage of application submission, it is worth informing the manager of the cargo carrier company all the necessary information regarding the characteristics of the cargo, weight index, type of furniture transported, and so on. The more data you provide, the more accurate the preliminary calculation of the services provided will be.

Before ordering the transportation of furniture and things to Lithuania, specify the delivery of oversized furniture (for example, a piano). This is necessary so that a representative of a logistics company can make the right choice of vehicle, pick up fasteners and other necessary means for high-quality cargo transportation.

Transportation of personal belongings to Lithuania from Mac-Trans

You can order the transportation of personal belongings from the capital of Ukraine to Lithuania on the website of the logistics company Mac-Trans. Our employees will make a preliminary calculation of the cost at the stage of application formation. All vehicles, without exception, which are available in the Mc-Trans fleet, are in perfect technical condition. 

Use our services and your home move from Ukraine to Lithuania will take place with minimal effort, time and money.

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