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Moving to another country for permanent residence, for work or study is always very exciting. But, in addition to saying goodbye to friends and relatives and other important things, it is worth thinking about how to properly organize the transportation of furniture and things, and what of this may not be useful at all in a new place.

In order for an apartment move from Ukraine to Latvia to take place with minimal effort, time and money, it is worth using the services of representatives of a logistics organization. This will not only significantly reduce physical costs, but also save the family budget.

What factors influence the cost of apartment moves to Latvia?

The price of an apartment move to Latvia may be different. To make a preliminary calculation of the cost of international logistics services, it is worth considering the following fundamental factors:

  • Type of vehicle. Before ordering an apartment move to Latvia, it is necessary to inform the manager as much information as possible about the cargo that needs to be transported. This will help you choose the right car for moving, so as not to overpay for extra space in the back of a car or for the need to make several trips.
  • Features of the route. It takes into account not only the distance of the path, but also the quality of the road surface, the need for detours and so on.
  • The need to order additional services. Very often people try to organize the removal and loading of furniture on their own. At the application stage, you will be asked to use the help of movers. You should not immediately refuse such an offer. The fact is that the cost of such services is relatively low and this makes it possible to significantly save energy during the move.
  • The dimensions of the cargo and the need for special fasteners. If you need to transport bulky furniture, you should inform an employee of the logistics company in advance.
  • The presence of toll road sections on the route. Such expenses are usually compensated at the expense of the customer.
  • Registration of the accompanying documentation. Often, when organizing international cargo transportation independently, people incorrectly issue customs declarations. To exclude this, it is better not to save on logistics services. The cost of the accompanying documents is included in the delivery price. 

Apartment moves to Latvia: what else is worth paying attention to?

Before ordering the transportation of furniture and things to Latvia, it is worth making sure that the company to which you have decided to entrust your property specializes in this route. It is not superfluous in this case to get acquainted with customer reviews on the Internet. Only in this case cargo transportation will be not only fast, but also reliable. If an organization constantly organizes transfers from Ukraine to Latvia, its employees know all the features of the route without exception, can provide for any nuances, which will help the customer significantly save money.

Professional transportation of personal belongings to Latvia from Mac-Trans

You can order the transportation of personal belongings from Kiev to the capital of Latvia on the website of our logistics organization. The staff of Mac-Trans will help to organize your home relocation from Ukraine to Latvia at the highest level. 

We will develop an individual route, provide the services of movers, help in the preparation of accompanying documentation, as well as arrange delivery without any force majeure and other unforeseen situations.

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