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Cargo transportation Kharkiv is a popular service used every day by hundreds of entrepreneurs whose work is related to the transportation of goods across the country or city. There are different types of delivery, but the greatest demand is for road transportation, which has an optimal price-speed ratio.

Choosing the transport company Mac-Trans, you will receive an affordable price for cargo transportation services in Kharkiv in the shortest possible time, as well as a guarantee of the safety and security of your goods.

Approximate cost of cargo transportation to Kharkiv

Direction Distance Transportation price
Eurofura (20 tons)
Kharkiv-Dnipro 220 km. 14000 UAH.
Kharkiv-Odessa 730 km. 45000 UAH.
Kharkiv-Lviv 1,020 km. 37000 UAH.
Kharkiv-Zaporozhye 300 km. 16000 UAH.

Types and features of trucks for cargo transportation in Kharkiv

Cargo delivery in Kharkiv is carried out by different types of cars that are suitable for certain loads. Professional managers plan transportation in advance, choose a car according to the characteristics and requirements of the goods.

Loads are divided into small-sized, medium-sized and oversized, and a certain car is suitable for each. The first option is the most common, because these are loads up to 3.5 tons in size for which cargo transportation by gazelle is used: a van, an onboard gazelle or an awning. It is so convenient to transport household appliances, things from the apartment, furniture, food and other goods. There is a gazelle refrigerator, in which it is convenient to transport perishable products.

If you need to deliver cargo weighing up to 6 tons, then you can choose larger cars with different equipment. It is convenient to carry out office or large apartment transportation, construction materials or furniture, deliver large batches of products to a store or point of sale, as well as transport other types of goods. 

Cargo weighing up to 20 tons is transported on special trawls. These are oversized cargoes that require a more careful approach to delivery, and also have their own transportation features. Vehicles for the transportation of large-sized products usually carry cargo across Ukraine over long distances. For large goods, cranes are also used in many cases for loading.

*The approximate cost of transportation is indicated! To clarify, call the phone number listed on the website.Cargo transportation in Kharkiv from Mac-Trans: low cost for operational transportation


To order cargo transportation in Kharkiv, just go to our website and leave a request or call our manager. After clarifying all the details, the manager starts planning and organizing transportation. Initially, it is necessary to develop the optimal route, which is not always the shortest, but the safest, most convenient and effective. Also, a suitable car is selected in accordance with the requirements for cargo transportation. 

Then we calculate the cost of transportation. We guarantee the most affordable and affordable price for cargo transportation in Kharkiv. After preparing the documentation and contracts, our specialists proceed directly to transportation. The manager controls each stage, up to the moment when the customer receives the goods.

Stages of cargo transportation in Kharkiv

  • Movers, a driver and a car, as well as a freight forwarder come to the place of loading, if you ordered this service.
  • With the help of special machinery and equipment, goods are loaded, which is handled by experienced specialists of our company.
  • Most types of cargo in the car are fixed to ensure its safety. For ordinary goods, special packaging, boxes or film are used, furniture and appliances are assembled in foam, and the fixation of oversized goods is planned individually.
  • Transportation is carried out on the route that the manager has chosen in advance. Certain goods need to be transported only by a special road, but most often you can choose a safer and better way. If necessary, a freight forwarder accompanies the trip.
  • After arriving at the place, the movers perform unloading services.

Cargo transportation in Kharkiv and the region from the company Mac-Trans is carried out at a low price, in a short time and with a guarantee of safety. We have an individual approach to each customer, we provide the best services and the cost is calculated in advance, which depends on the characteristics of your cargo and transportation.

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