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For trucking in Ukraine, the cost cannot be fixed. It depends on the mileage and the maximum weight that the truck can carry in one trip.

The cost of one kilometer is from 27 to 40 UAH.

Many potential customers are interested in what are the current prices for cargo transportation in Ukraine.

Taking into account these costs, the cost of the product itself will be formed. And if we add here how much fuel costs, the expediency of a competent calculation is very obvious.

We offer transportation of goods on the following vehicles:

  • Class "Eurotrucks" — cars with a length of 13.6 m, a width of 2.45-2.75 m and a volume of not more than 90 cubic meters. Designed to carry up to 21 tons of cargo. Such transport is usually ordered for delivery outside the city;
  • Class "Ten-tonner" — has a length of up to 8 m, a width of 2.5 m and a height of 1.8-3.0 m. The volume is from 25 to 60 m3. Load capacity — up to 15 tons. If we compare the possibilities of transport with a real order, it is possible to transport all the furniture from a four-room apartment in one flight;
  • Class "Five-tonner" — length, width and height are 3.5-6.1 m, 2.3 m and 2.45 m, respectively. Volume in cubic meters — up to 35. Maximum volume of cargo in tons — 5. The vehicle is suitable for transporting metal, furniture, building materials, etc.;
  • Gazelle class — has a length of 3.2 m (the maximum is 4 m), a width of 1.9 m and a height of up to 2 m. The volume is 9-16 cubic meters, and the load capacity — 2 tons. Such transport is ordered for transportation around the city.
Comparative table of vehicle parameters
Transport Length, m Width, m Height, m Volume, m3 Capacity, tons Price, UAH
Eurotruck 13.6 2.45 2.45-2.75 up to 90 20-21 from 40
Ten-tonner up to 8 2,5 1.8-3.0 25-60 up to 15 from 34
Five-tonner 3.5-6.1 2,3 2.45 up to 35 up to 5 from 30
Gazelle 3,2-4 1,9 up to 2 9-16 up to 2 from 27

*Approximate shipping costs shown! For clarification, call the phone number listed on the site.

What affects the cost of cargo transportation in Ukraine

The final price depends on:

  • type and size of cargo;
  • vehicle type;
  • delivery directions;
  • load type.
Cargo transportation in Ukraine - price per kilometer (approximate)
Load Types Tariff for 1 km in Ukraine
Eurotruck Ten Tones Five tons Gazelle
General from 40 UAH/km from 34 UAH/km from 30 UAH/km from 27 UAH/km
Prefabricated from 41 UAH/km from 35 UAH/km from 30 UAH/km from 28 UAH/km
Oversize from 45 UAH/km from 34 UAH/km from 27 UAH/km from 25 UAH/km
Furniture from 38 UAH/km from 31 UAH/km from 27 UAH/km from 25 UAH/km

The cost of transportation in the table is approximate! 

For a more accurate calculation, you need to call: +38 (095) 850-41-86 or fill out an application for an individual calculation on the site.

Mak-Trans Company — it's savings!

The cost of transportation in Ukraine or Europe can be determined taking into account the dimensions of the cargo. Pay attention to the above factors. It is on them that the price of transportation depends. Contact our company for services and you are guaranteed to get the best conditions for cooperation.

We form a very favorable cost of cargo transportation services. Collaborate with "Mak-Trans" — it's economy. Employees will transport the necessary cargo in the near future, carefully observing security measures. Our team understands that it is important for you to complete cargo transportation quickly. At the same time, so that the price for 1 kilometer is affordable. By entrusting this task to "Mak-Trans", you will receive good conditions, the selection of the optimal transport as part of the "turnkey" service. You don't have to worry about damage or loss of cargo.

Call and specify the exact price of cargo transportation in Ukraine, Russia or Europe. We will advise you in detail on all the nuances.

Approximate cost of transportation in the cities of Ukraine
Direction Distance Capacity Price per km
Kyiv - Dnipro 498 km 10 tons UAH 36/km
20 tons UAH 45/km
Kyiv - Lviv 530 km 10 tons 37 UAH/km
20 tons UAH 46/km
Kyiv - Kharkiv 480 km 10 tons 35 UAH/km
20 tons UAH 41/km
Kyiv - Odessa 475 km 10 tons UAH 34/km
20 tons 40 UAH/km

For a more accurate calculation, you need to call: +38 (095) 850-41-86 or fill out an application for an individual calculation on the site.

Call us and find out the exact price of cargo transportation in Ukraine, Russia or Europe. Contact the Mak-Trans Company, and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

Delivery of goods in Ukraine: types and specifics of pricing

Cargo transportation by road — a difficult logistical task, which today is of interest not only to firms and companies. Private customers also need to transport something from time to time. Typically, this category of customers is interested in the following types of transportation:

  • apartments;
  • dacha;
  • other — purchased goods in stores and the like.

Corporate clients order transportation of offices, delivery of oversized cargo, transportation of equipment from production facilities, etc. Not only within the country, but also abroad. Such legal cargo transportation in Ukraine is in great demand.

In general, all cargo transportation can be classified by purpose:

  • nature of cargo;
  • size;
  • transport type;
  • type of loading operations;
  • direction of travel.

Thus, the price is formed taking into account the type of cargo transportation in Ukraine. The distance from point A to point B affects fuel consumption. The longer you drive, the more consumption. Accordingly, transportation will cost more. The complexity of the download also matters in the cost calculation.

Main directions:

Transportation in Ukraine on Gazelles

Practice shows that most often clients of logistics companies order transportation by Gazelle vehicles. Such a vehicle can hold up to 1.5 tons. It is more convenient to use cars for:

  • city deliveries;
  • transportation of goods around the suburbs;
  • sending commercial cargo between warehouses within the city;
  • transportation of belongings of private owners.

"Gazelle" Compact enough to be easy to maneuver. This makes it possible to reduce the delivery time and bring the goods faster in traffic jams. The cost of ordering transportation on such transport is lower than on five-ton and other large vehicles.

What are the popular destinations for cargo transportation for Ukraine provided by "Mak-Trans"

How to order cargo transportation in Ukraine?

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