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Cargo transportation in Odessa

Business and cargo transportation are two closely related spheres. Intercity transportation is in great demand among entrepreneurs. Transport companies that will carry out transportation by road, constantly cooperate with medium and small businesses, provide services for the delivery of various goods.

If you need to order cargo transportation in Odessa, then contact the professional transport company Mac-Trans. We offer a variety of services at an affordable cost, as well as guarantee the safety and security of your cargo.

Prices for cargo transportation in Odessa

Direction Distance Transportation price
Eurofura (20 tons)
Odessa-Dnipro 525 km. 21 000 UAH.
Odessa-Nikolaev 135 km. 5,400 UAH.
Odessa-Vinnytsia 425 km. 17 000 UAH.
Odessa-Kherson 200 km. 8 000 UAH.

How is cargo transportation performed in Odessa?

Cargo transportation in Odessa and the region is carried out by experienced craftsmen, and only in this case you can be sure of the reliability of transportation. It is very difficult to organize transportation on your own, and the costs for this will be too large, which is why they choose a specialized company for transportation.

What tasks are performed by the masters of the company Mac-Trans?

  • Planning and organization of the transportation process.
  • Drafting a contract and legal assistance in collecting the necessary documents.
  • The choice of a vehicle for transportation in accordance with the characteristics of the cargo.
  • Loading and unloading of goods on site using special tools and equipment.
  • Cargo fixation in the car, if necessary.
  • Cargo transportation in Odessa or the country follows a pre-determined route.
  • If necessary, the transportation is carried out under the supervision of an experienced freight forwarder.
  • Arrival at the place at the specified time, unloading of the entire cargo.

Usually several movers arrive at the loading site at once. Transportation is carried out in the fastest possible time, and in addition, the customer can arrange additional services, if necessary. You can order a cargo taxi, movers or place an order for all transportation services.

There are many types of cargo transportation, but automobile cargo transportation is in the greatest demand. This method has a lot of advantages and differences. The popularity of auto delivery is due to the fact that it is excellent for both large transportation of oversized goods and for household delivery of things. Among other indisputable advantages, we can note the low cost, especially if you need to transport any cargo of different weight or size over short distances. Automobile cargo delivery in Odessa: fast and inexpensive

Motor transport is characterized by maneuverability. It allows you to transport things almost anywhere in the country, as well as within the city. The customer can pick up things anywhere, near the door of the house or in the warehouse.

There are many cars with different features that allow you to transport a variety of things. For example, medicines need a lower temperature, so you can use a gazelle with a refrigerator, which is also suitable for food. Or for oversized cargo, a trawl is used, which will allow transporting up to 20 tons of goods.

Cargo transportation by gazelle is considered the most popular service. In addition, the delivery is carried out in a short time. If you need to transport goods urgently, then car transportation from Mac-Trans is the best choice.

Why should I choose Mac-Trans for cargo delivery in Odessa?

Do you need to transport furniture, household appliances, building materials? Urgently deliver oversized goods to the other end of the country? Do you want to order delivery at a low cost? Then the specialized transport company Mac-Trans is always at your service.

We offer a lot of advantages:

  • the most affordable price for cargo transportation in Odessa and for all services;
  • competent and efficient logistics;
  • guarantee the safety of your goods and cargo;
  • efficiency in any transportation;
  • a large fleet with many cars for different loads;
  • services of movers, drivers, freight forwarders and managers with experience.

To place an order for cargo transportation in Ukraine, you just need to leave a request on our website. In the near future we will contact you to discuss the details and soon we will transport your cargo to the specified location.

The transport company Mac-Trans is a fast, reliable and affordable transportation of goods in Odessa.

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