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Cargo transportation in Dnipro: efficiency, availability and quality assurance

"Mac-Trans" - professional cargo transportation in the Dnieper and Dnipropetrovsk region. We will organize an apartment or office relocation, pack household appliances, lift cargo to the floor, and so on. By contacting our company, you will see that moving can be easy, time-consuming and relatively inexpensive.

We will help you organize:

  • Transportation of personal belongings.
  • Apartment moves of any complexity.
  • Office moves.
  • Skidding /taking out of household appliances.
  • Skidding / removal of dimensional furniture and much more.

Since the competition in the freight market is great, we involve only qualified employees in the transportation process. In other words, your cargo will be entrusted to people who know their business.

We will select the most suitable vehicle (up to 5 tons and 45 cubic meters). With us, you can easily organize cargo transportation, both a small number of personal belongings and a large-scale office relocation.

The price of cargo transportation from Dnipro to Ukraine

Direction Distance Transportation price
Eurofura (20 tons)
Dnipro - Kiev 477 km 20 000 UAH
Dnipro - Lviv 1,017 km 39 000 UAH
Dnipro - Kharkiv 218 km 18 000 UAH

A variety of trucks from the company "Mac-Trans"

Our company will provide a large selection of optimal and convenient cars for transporting any volume of cargo and any weight of things. Cars are selected in accordance with the amount of cargo to be transported, its features, as well as at the request of the customer.

There are the most common types of freight transport:

  • Gazelle. It is used for transporting a small amount of cargo, as well as for small-sized products. It will be an ideal solution for apartment transportation, office relocation. Holds up to 2 tons.
  • The cargo MAN has an average load capacity of about 5 tons, as well as a large side (6.4 meters), which makes it easy to transport large loads.
  • Iveco. The average capacity of this car is about 9 tons, so you can transport almost all cargo here. They are reliable, have relative maneuverability, and are excellent for long-distance transportation.

Depending on the needs of the client and the type of cargo being transported, other cars are also used. These can be special trawls for transporting oversized metal structures and other products. You may also be interested in cargo transportation in Zaporozhye.

Features of cargo transportation in the Dnieper and Dnipropetrovsk region

The organization of cargo transportation begins with an assessment of the complexity of the services provided. After that, we make an application and make a preliminary calculation of the cost. The necessary number of movers who will pack fragile items, furniture, household appliances and other personal belongings of the customer will be sent to the specified address at a clearly agreed time.

In the event that after delivery it is necessary to unpack the furniture, and here our specialists will come to the rescue. We use only suitable packaging for each individual type of cargo. If it is necessary to transport fragile items, soft cushioning materials will be provided additionally, which exclude possible damage to items.

Advantages of cargo transportation with "Mac-Trans":

  • We provide cargo transportation services of varying complexity: small-sized, office/apartment relocations, mass delivery and much more.
  • Delivery of cargo by motor transport of different capacity. Thanks to the wide choice of vehicles, you can easily pick up the car that is most suitable for the delivery of a particular cargo.
  • Delivery services are performed only by qualified specialists. We will pack the cargo, arrange the boxes correctly on the car platform, make high-quality fasteners and deliver your property along the Dnieper or Dnipropetrovsk region without any ambiguous situations. In other words, you don't have to worry about something getting damaged during transportation.
  • Choosing the optimal route. You don't have to navigate your way from the loading point to the destination. We will do everything for you! The specialists of "Mac-Trans" will develop a travel plan in such a way that delivery in the city and the region is as fast, efficient and not costly as possible.
  • Relatively low rates. We try to make quality more affordable for our customers. Leave a request on the website or contact our managers to order cargo transportation at the best prices.

Cargo transportation is an activity that cannot do without human participation. Our movers have many years of experience in the field of delivery, they are very careful and take care of each product! We will disassemble the furniture, pack the individual elements and household appliances correctly, develop the route correctly, and also make careful delivery to the specified address at the highest level.

How much does it cost and what does the price of Mac-Trans services depend on?

In order to pre-calculate the cost of cargo transportation, it is enough to contact our representative at the contact phone number. As a rule, the cost of services is formed taking into account the following features:

  • Cargo characteristics.
  • Complexity of disassembly/assembly.
  • Choosing a suitable vehicle (Gazelle, Gazelle duo, truck).
  • The need for special packaging.
  • The distance of the route.
  • Rise to the floor and so on.

Taking into account these factors, the Mac-Trans specialist will be able to announce the approximate price of the services provided. The final cost will be fixed only after registration of the application on the website or in the office of the company.

Use the services of our moving company and make sure that high quality can be affordable. Organizing an apartment or office move in Dnipro with us, you will have only pleasant impressions of cooperation with professionals.

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