Apartment moves in Ukraine

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Our company has been organizing the relocation of individuals and enterprises in Ukraine for several years.  The technology is honed to perfection. You will be pleased with both affordable prices and exceptional quality of service implementation.

The geography of the work is as wide as possible. You can order an apartment move in Dnipro, Lviv, Kiev or any other locality in Ukraine. Specialists will go to the place, load things and deliver them in one piece and absolutely safe.

How to prepare for an apartment move?

In the Mc-Trans fleet there is a car for any volume and distance. Trucks with a capacity of 1.5 – 20 tons are kept clean and in perfect technical condition.

Professional drivers will take things within a day. We offer apartment transfers inexpensively, but we plan the route of each delivery individually, avoiding problematic road sections and other dangers. And for greater confidence, you can order insurance on favorable terms.

The company approaches organizational issues comprehensively. Our task is not just to deliver things, but to do it so that you spend as little money, effort and nerve cells on the procedure as possible. The price of an apartment move is negotiated individually. But be sure: when the manager announces the total amount, you will throw away all thoughts of finding another transport company or a private car with cheap movers.

Transportation of things

After you have contacted the manager of Mac-Trans via the website or by phone, agreed on all the conditions, issued an application, it remains only to pack your things and wait for the car at the appointed hour.

  • Our workers will wrap all boxes, cabinets, boxes in special packaging material. They will be marked for convenience.
  • Loading into the car body takes place normally. The cargo is distributed and fixed so that nothing is broken, damaged, or scratched on the road.
  • The stage begins, on which the price of transportation in Ukraine largely depends – transportation. The cost is affected by the distance, the volume of the cargo.
  • When the car successfully arrives at its destination, our employees unload your property to a new house, remove the protective packaging, clean it up after themselves and wish you a good day.

The process is simplified as much as possible. While we are working, you are doing more important things. Our specialists will successfully cope with the task, whether it is the transportation of things from Europe to Ukraine or delivery from Kharkov to Odessa!

Convenient and fast apartment relocation

Any relocation is always accompanied by the appearance of many problems. They are associated with packing, loading things and placing them in the back of the car. It is also not always easy to find a suitable transport yourself. In order not to waste time on solving all these large and small problems, it is enough to contact the company "Mac-Trans". Safe transportation of goods during apartment relocation is one of our main activities.

Office relocation — efficiently and responsibly

With the help of the company "Mac-Trans", the organization of an inexpensive office move will not be a problem. We provide all the possibilities for fast and safe transportation of modern, expensive computer equipment and office furniture. The geography of cargo delivery extends to the entire territory of Ukraine. The most popular destinations for office relocation are such cities as Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. For delivery to small settlements, the most optimal, fastest route is always being worked out.

To order an office relocation, it is enough to contact the specialists of our company using the contacts listed on the website. In addition to the mobile numbers of the most popular telecom operators, Skype chat and an email address are available for you. You can also calculate the cost of transporting cargo to the point you specified. To do this, you need to fill out a special form and leave your personal mobile phone number in it. Within a few minutes, our manager will contact the client, who will answer any questions regarding the organization of the move, and will help with the choice of transport that will be optimally suited to solving the tasks set by the customer.

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