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Apartment moving to Greece from Ukraine

We are glad to offer our logistics company to organize the transportation of personal property to the EU countries. We organize moving to Greece with the help of specialized trucks. We transport any type of cargo to different countries of the world.

The main advantage of our company — high quality customer service. We guarantee a safe move to Greece, delivery of property, personal belongings, furniture, equipment (including expensive ones) to anywhere in the state. Our company has many years of experience in the field of international transportation and is perfectly familiar with all the features of customs clearance, the rules for sending goods.

Transportation of things to Greece

We guarantee: each cargo will be insured against possible risks during transportation. We care about every client. We do our best to ensure that the shipment goes smoothly and safely.

We also want to note that Mak-Trans provides a flexible pricing policy that takes into account the characteristics and requirements of each client. We guarantee transparency, honesty of price offers. We carry out apartment moving to Europe at a competitive cost. We offer the organization of the process of transporting things to Greece on a turnkey basis.

Apartment moving to Greece from Ukraine: customs clearance

Today, the transportation of things from Ukraine to Greece during resettlement for permanent residence is associated with certain features of customs clearance. First of all, it is necessary to provide a detailed list of all goods that will be sent to another country, indicating their cost and characteristics. You may also be required to provide proof of ownership of the household items being moved.

When sending furniture and personal items to Greece across the border, you may also be required to pay customs duties and taxes. However, there are rules and regulations that allow you to carry a certain amount of items without paying additional duties and taxes.

For example, in the European Union there is a rule that allows you to send personal items without paying duties and taxes if they have been used by you for at least 6 months. Our company is familiar with all the nuances of customs legislation. Therefore, it helps clients to "get around" extra payments. This minimizes the cost of relocation to the EU countries, thereby greatly simplifies the entire process of moving to Greece and any other European country.

It is also important to note that when transporting furniture and personal belongings across the border, it is necessary to comply with the rules and regulations established by the customs services. For example, some countries prohibit the importation of certain types of goods, such as weapons, antiques, etc.

In order to protect yourself from possible problems with customs and ensure a smooth change of residence, we recommend contacting our logistics company. We have been operating on the market for many years, we have extensive experience in transporting furniture and personal belongings across borders. Our experienced managers and logisticians will prepare the necessary documents, correctly arrange the cargo transportation in accordance with the legislation and customs rules.

The cost of transporting personal belongings to Greece

Your transportation of personal belongings to Greece will not cost too much. We guarantee competitive prices with consistently high quality service. The price for cargo transportation of personal property by trucks across the border when relocating to a permanent place of residence is:

  • from the fare for using the vehicle;
  • cargo insurance costs;
  • Border crossing fees and other additional expenses.

Do you want to order an apartment move to one of the EU countries? Please contact our logistics company. We will quickly issue the necessary documents, we will move to Greece on a turnkey basis.

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