Apartment relocation to France

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"Mak-Trans" — a leader in the field of logistics services, cargo transportation by road across the territory of Ukraine and in international directions. We specialize in the transportation of various types of cargo. We transport large structures. We carry out apartment moving, transportation of things to France from Ukraine.

We have a private fleet of high-tech vehicles. Our cars are equipped with safety equipment. Cars are serviceable, fully prepared for efficient transportation in any direction.

  • We work with experienced drivers, loaders.
  • We guarantee fast, high-quality delivery.
  • We offer a full range of logistics services.
  • We advise on choosing the best route.
  • Fill out the necessary documentation.
  • We provide cargo insurance.

When transporting personal property to an EU country, we offer various types of vehicles. We transport by groupage. We organize individual transportation. We guarantee complete confidentiality, security of personal property of clients. We provide high quality service, personal approach to each customer.

Transportation of things from Ukraine to France: planning

Organization of apartment moving to France from Ukraine — difficult process. It requires special attention, a competent approach. Our company guarantees full support, assistance at every stage of the move. Managers will advise on any issue. Logisticians will make the best route. We will issue the necessary documents required when preparing the cargo for transportation.

To deliver personal belongings to an EU country, you will have to issue and provide special documents:

  • cargo passport;
  • goods declaration;
  • insurance policy.

Our specialists will assist in the registration of turnkey transportation. Therefore, your move will pass without problems, without hassle and overpayments.

When moving, packing is often required. This is an important step that needs to be done right. Our experts will provide the necessary packaging for fragile items. They will give advice on packing furniture, electronics, and other personal property that is being transported to a new place of residence.

For apartment moving we offer various types of transport. We organize individual transportations, we transport groupage cargo transportations. We guarantee safe, fast delivery of property anywhere in France. We organize transfers to Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Cannes, Bordeaux, Orleans, Nimes, Toulouse, Rouen, Nantes, Grasse, Tours, Avignon, Orange, Carcassonne, Lourdes, Saint-Tropez, Nancy, and other places.

Your move to France will be simple, not burdensome. Let's take the trouble. We will help with packing, loading and unloading. We will provide tracking of the route 24/7. We will provide an opportunity to track online where the car with personal property is located.

You will quickly move to the most beautiful cities of France, rich in thousands of years of history. You will be able to transport property to the suburbs of Paris, other large cities of the EU country. Settle into your new place of residence comfortably. You will not worry about the safety of transporting property. You will move to live in a commune, for example, in Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois quickly, with minimal material costs.

You will be able to start a new life near the world famous architectural monuments, next to the legendary healing springs, the best resorts and coasts. Life in France will not begin with the hassle and worry about transporting property, but with sightseeing and other pleasant chores.

Peculiarities of moving from Ukraine to France

Before carrying out the transportation of personal belongings to France — Familiarize yourself with the basic rules, prohibitions of transporting property. We inform you that it is forbidden by law to transport:

  • weapon;
  • explosives;
  • other dangerous items.

There are restrictions on the transportation of certain categories of goods: food, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, etc. For more details, please contact our managers. Specialists will provide detailed information about the existing restrictions. They will help you choose a reliable method of international transportation of personal belongings to France.

Don't forget about customs clearance. This is one of the most important stages in the transportation of personal belongings. A list of documents is required for customs clearance. Documentation is filled in in accordance with international requirements and rules. Our experts will also help to collect papers, fill out forms. When moving to France for permanent residence, you will need to transport personal property:

  • passport;
  • employment book;
  • other documents.

A package of papers will ensure the correct customs clearance of personal belongings.

In addition, you must ensure that you pack your items properly. If necessary, we will provide boxes, soft bags, film, bubble wrap to preserve the integrity of equipment, electronics.

When crossing the border, unforeseen circumstances may arise: delays at customs control, the need to pay taxes, duties. Our specialists will promptly solve possible problems. Managers will provide support at any time of the day. Issues will be resolved quickly.

For greater safety, we will insure your property during transportation. The policy will cover material costs in case of loss or damage to the shipment during transportation. We organize moving to France from Ukraine — no problems, worries.

Preparing to move to France for permanent residence? Contact our company. We will take care of the safety of delivery just in time. With us, your international home move to France will be stress-free.

Planning an urgent move for permanent residence to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe — France? Don't know where to start? Contact our company. We will provide qualified information support. We will quickly find the right vehicle. We will help with loading and unloading. If necessary, we will provide storage of personal property in special storage areas.

Don't wait for tomorrow. Book qualified personal property shipping today. Contact «Mak-Trans». We will inform, organize, transfer to permanent residence in France quickly!

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