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Cargo taxi is a service that enjoys high popularity both in large cities and in small settlements. If a couple of years ago the word “taxi” was associated exclusively with the transportation of people, today this term has a broader meaning.

As a rule, small trucks are ordered for transportation of construction materials, apartment and office moves, removal of construction debris, delivery of goods and so on.

Who uses cargo taxi services?

Cargo taxi is a convenient logistics service that is most often ordered by the following categories of the population:

  • Individuals (apartment or suburban relocation, delivery of goods from online stores).
  • Representatives of large and small businesses (office relocation, transportation of the store to a new location, delivery of products for further sale).
  • Builders and other workers (removal of construction debris, delivery of construction materials).

Advantages of ordering a cargo taxi from the company Mac-Trans

  • Fast delivery of the car. After making an application on the website of the logistics service Mac-Trans, the machine will be delivered to the customer's address at a clearly agreed time. 
  • The choice of a car in accordance with the characteristics, weight and dimensions of the cargo. This is very convenient because the vehicle will not have to make several trips back and forth or the customer will overpay for an empty space in the back of the car. In most cases, an ordinary Gazelle is enough to carry out an apartment or office move.
  • The possibility of ordering additional services. When ordering a cargo taxi, you can additionally apply for the services of movers. Despite the fact that this service is paid separately, this way you can save physical costs during the move. Specially trained people know how to properly pack fragile items and fix them on the car platform in such a way that after moving there is no pile of glass and metal in the boxes.

What determines the price of cargo taxi services?

In order to make a preliminary calculation of the cost of cargo taxi services, the customer must voice the following information to the representatives of the logistics company:

  • Distance range and route features.
  • The weight and other parameters of the cargo that needs to be transported from one place to another.
  • The type of vehicle that will be required for cargo transportation.
  • The need to provide movers' services. In order for the move to go unnoticed by the customer, it is better not to save on professional help.
  • The urgency of delivery. If the cargo needs to be delivered “yesterday”, the price of such delivery may be an order of magnitude higher than the planned one.
  • If the delivery is paid hourly, it is worth specifying the duration of the car rental.

As for the final cost of cargo transportation by means of a cargo taxi, the price of the services provided will be announced by the transport service operator only after the cargo is delivered to the destination. Contact the representatives of Mac-Trans and make sure yourself that the service can be available.

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