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The company "Mac-trans" specializes in cargo transportation and has considerable experience behind it. Therefore, we know, like no one else, how to correctly calculate the optimal route.

Why is motor transport the most popular method of cargo transportation?

More than 70% of all cargo transportation in Ukraine, in particular, is carried out by motor transport. This is due to the convenience and ability to deliver the cargo as close as possible to the place of its receipt and the relatively low cost of such a method. In this regard, there is a lot of competition in the market of automobile transportation services today.

Advantages of the company "Mac-trans"

The company "Mac-trans" offers good conditions for cargo transportation, guarantees safety, has consolidation warehouses in many cities of the country, warehouse logistics and a trustworthy fleet.

Our main "trump card" is the speed of cargo delivery. We have equipped all our vehicles with GPS navigation systems and employ only professional logisticians. The main goal of our activity is to determine the optimal transport route by which the cargo will be delivered in a timely manner, with minimal risks and costs.

We provide a properly designed transportation route with the possibility of its adjustment already on the way, thanks to this it becomes possible to significantly reduce the cost of services for the customer and save him from the occurrence of various force majeure situations.

Stages for route development

The development of the most suitable route for cargo transportation consists of several important stages. First of all, the shortest path from the place of shipment to the place of its arrival is indicated. This path is conditionally divided into small segments, which are analyzed by a specialist taking into account the following factors:

  • road surface quality;
  • traffic intensity;
  • number of lanes on the road;
  • the presence of emergency or repaired areas.

In cases of transportation of bulky goods, additional nuances are taken into account:

  • restriction on roads for large-sized vehicles;
  • location of bridges;
  • location of power lines.

In addition, specialists are solving several more tasks:

  • calculation of the number of traffic lights and their location;
  • development of a road map for settlements.
  • identification of several options for detours for sections of road that are "questionable".

The company "Mac-trans" will develop for you the optimal route and model of the transport network of movement between corresponding points. Will make a comparative analysis of routes. Based on the analysis of the properties of the cargo, the vehicle will be selected, as well as the conditions of transportation.

You can safely entrust your cargo to our company and be calm for its safety.

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