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Any relocation is always accompanied by the appearance of many problems. They are associated with packing, loading things and placing them in the back of the car. It is also not always easy to find a suitable transport yourself. In order not to waste time on solving all these large and small problems, it is enough to contact the company "Mac-Trans". Safe transportation of goods during the move is one of our main activities.

The company provides transport and qualified employees for loading and moving things around the city of Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine as a whole.

Mac-Trans Company: types of transport and services providedApartment moves in Ukraine

The customer can order the following types of truck:

  • The capacity of this car is small. The best way such a truck is suitable for transporting individual furniture elements or a large number of compact personal belongings. Gazelle can be ordered for the transportation of goods at any distance.
  • The car is a five-ton truck. A truck of this class is quite popular, and is often used to organize a move. It will easily fit the furniture of compact apartments.
  • A ten-ton truck. It is used to move bulky cargo or a large number of small items. It is well suited for office moves.
  • Eurofura. The load capacity is 20 tons. With its help, you can organize any relocation with the movement of objects of any size. It is best suited for corporate and office relocations.

In addition to ordering a car directly from our company, the client can hire a team of professional movers. Specialists will save a significant amount of time, and are guaranteed to deliver the cargo safely. Here are the main duties of the movers of the company "Mac-Trans":

  • Package. Accessories of a simple geometric shape made of solid materials do not require special conditions for packaging. Fragile objects need to be wrapped in a special insulating, damping material that dampens vibrations. This will protect things from breakage during transportation. Also, our movers will sort things and mark all the boxes to see where everything is.
  • Loading. This is a very important service for the proper organization of the move. All items must be properly and securely fixed inside the body. Only professional movers know how to place things in such a way as to compensate for fluctuations that occur during movement. Especially valuable or expensive items are packed in an additional layer of shock-dampening, insulating material.
  • Carrying cargo. After the delivery of the items, the movers will transfer them to where the client indicates. Our specialists are not afraid of narrow entrances and the dimensions of elevators that are not designed for moving. Corners of expensive furniture are guaranteed to remain intact, as well as recently glued wallpaper. After the end of the placement of items in the new room, the movers will clean up all the garbage and take it out on their own.
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