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Eurofura class car
Eurofura class car

Length: 13 m.

Width: 2.45 m.

Height: 2.75 m.

Load capacity: 20 tons.

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A car of the "Ten-ton" class
A car of the "Ten-ton" class

Length: 5-8 m.

Width: 2.4-2.5 m.

Height: 1.8-3 m.

The load capacity is 5-15 tons.

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Gazelle class car
Gazelle class car

Length: 2.8-3.2 m

Width: 1.8-1.9 m

Height: 1.7-2 m.

Load capacity: up to 2 tons.

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A car of the "Five-ton" class
A car of the "Five-ton" class

Length: 3.5-6 m

Width: 2 m

Height: 2.45 m.

Load capacity: 5 tons.

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Cargo transportation in Kiev is a popular service that is in great demand among all entrepreneurs. Every company, regardless of specialization, needs cargo transportation services from time to time. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to do this on your own, therefore, the best option would be to use the services of Mac-Trans professionals.

Cargo transportation in Kiev and the region - features and advantages

Cargo transportation in Kiev or abroad is always accompanied by certain difficulties, which can be avoided if you use the services of a logistics company.

If you choose car transportation, you will get a number of advantages and positive advantages. First of all, this concerns the affordable cost. The price of transportation is much less than that of similar transportation by rail or air. In addition, you need to understand that even if you use an airplane, you will still need to order a car to deliver the cargo to the place from the airport.

The specialists of the company Mac-Trans perform the calculation of the cost of transportation in advance. The weight of the cargo, its features and requirements for delivery, the type of goods, volume, as well as the duration of the route are taken into account. To find out the exact cost of transportation, contact our manager on the website.

Another advantage of the car is that it is possible to deliver any cargo to any place in the shortest possible time. Cargo transportation in Ukraine and Kiev by gazelle can be carried out directly to the door of your home, store or warehouse. You can plan transportation very quickly, and thanks to maneuverability and convenience, transport can transport any cargo throughout Ukraine or abroad in a matter of days. If you need urgent transportation, then this method will be the best choice.

Approximate prices for cargo transportation to Kiev per km

Direction Distance Transportation price
Eurofura (20 tons)
Kiev - Dnipro 498 km. 40 000 UAH.
Kiev - Kharkiv 480 km. 19 000 UAH.
Kiev - Lviv 530 km. 20 000 UAH.
Kiev - Odessa 490 km. 21 000 UAH.
Kiev - Zaporozhye 520 km. 21 500 UAH.

Our clients can find out about the exact cost of cargo transportation to Kiev by road by calling our managers. For your convenience, there is a contact form on our website - leave a request and we will contact you as soon as possible.There are other factors that affect the transportation of goods in Kiev.

The price may include transportation of objects by special trailers. This is usually done when the overall dimensions or weight of the transported cargo exceeds the standard maximum values. At the same time, a special permit may be required – the same applies to the transportation of dangerous objects.

What goods can be delivered by cargo taxi in Kiev?

The optimal type of cargo transportation is automobile transportation. This type of delivery is one of the most convenient, fast and affordable. There are several types of cars that are suitable for a variety of loads, differ in maneuverability and load capacity:

  • Beads are suitable for apartment or office transportation, delivery of household appliances, products. They can carry loads from 1 ton of different sizes.
  • Transportation of goods from 3.5 tons, but less than 6 tons can be carried out on awning trucks, vans of various configuration. It can be delivery of building materials, transportation of furniture and other products.
  • For oversized transportation, trawls and platforms are used, which have a lifting capacity of about 20 tons. This is how bulky or non-standard cargo is delivered, for example, transformers, large construction materials, as well as motor vehicles.

Often, vehicles for transportation come with a refrigerator for the transportation of perishable products or goods that require special delivery conditions.

In addition, most gazelles are equipped with hydroboats for maximum convenience and ease of loading heavy things.

Where to order cargo transportation services in Kiev?

To be sure of fast and safe transportation, it is necessary to choose the right logistics company. By contacting the company Mac-Trans, you will receive the following advantages:

  • The price of cargo transportation in Kiev is always low and affordable. We calculate the cost for each customer individually, so you can be sure that you will not overpay for your transportation.
  • Our employees are experienced managers, professional drivers and qualified movers who have many years of work experience. We can foresee all the difficulties and problems in advance, which is why the transportation from Mac-Trans takes place so quickly.
  • To order a cargo taxi, it is enough to order services on our website or call the contact phone number. In the near future we will contact you, clarify all the details of transportation and draw up a contract. At the specified time, a car and movers will arrive at the loading site, after which we will transport the cargo.

Cargo transportation in Kiev from the logistics company Mac-Trans is a guarantee of professionalism. Our services are performed quickly and inexpensively.

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