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Many customers, before turning to the professionals of the transport company, believe that the organization of transportation does not require special skills or experience. But this is not the case at all - it is enough just to start planning cargo transportation in Ternopil, and it already becomes clear how many problems may appear in the process.

So that the transportation does not cost too much and passes quickly, you can use the services of a specialized company Mac-Trans. We perform services at the highest level, offer you a lot of advantages and guarantee the safety of the cargo. In addition, the cost of our cargo taxi services in Ternopil is always low and affordable. You may also be interested in cargo transportation in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Features of cargo transportation in Ternopil

For transportation within the city or across the region, versatile and convenient Gazelles are excellent. Cargo transportation by Gazelle is in the greatest demand, because such cars are very maneuverable, will pass along any street, are characterized by economical use of fuel, can accommodate different amounts of cargo and have a relatively large tonnage. It is best to carry out apartment moves, transportation of personal belongings or small-sized cargo on them.

Freight rates

Gazelle Five - ton Destitonnik Eurofura

load capacity up to 2 tons

width: 1.8-1.9 m

height: 1.7-2 m

length: 2.8-3.2 m

load capacity 5 tons

width: 2 m

height: 2.45 m

length: 3.5-6 m

load capacity 5-15 tons

width: 2.4-2.5 m

height: 1.8-3 m

length: 5-8 m

load capacity 20 tons

width: 2.45 m

height: 2.75 m

length: 13 m

Price: SpecifyPrice: Specify Price: Specify Price: Specify There is also a MAN or IVECO in our fleet.

These types of trucks are used for more cargo, have a larger tonnage and are suitable for transportation throughout the country.

We carry out cargo transportation in Ternopil of various types:

  • apartment or office relocation;
  • transportation of personal belongings;
  • transportation of furniture, appliances;
  • transportation of pets or plants;
  • delivery of food or perishable goods;
  • transportation of oversized cargo;
  • transportation of construction materials.

We also deliver any other types of cargo. Due to the extensive experience in the field of transportation and our own fleet, we will cope with the order of any complexity.

What are the stages of cargo delivery in Ternopil?

Cargo transportation in the city of Ternopil and the region takes place in several stages:

  1. After placing an order, a manager comes to you to assess the amount of work. In case of an urgent order, all data is provided by the customer.
  2. On the selected date, a car with a team of movers arrives at the place. They pack all the cargo, transfer it to the car, if necessary, fix it.
  3. Transportation takes place along a pre-determined route to minimize any force majeure.
  4. After arriving at the place of unloading, the masters transfer all the things or cargo to the place and disassemble the packages. If necessary, we can connect all the equipment and arrange the furniture.

What determines the price of cargo transportation in Ternopil?

The cost is formed in advance and depends on the individual characteristics of the cargo. For example, the delivery of bulky goods will be at a higher price than the transportation of personal belongings. The price is also affected by the distance for transportation, additional customer requirements (services of movers or forwarders). But choosing the company Mac-Trans, you will get the most affordable prices for the delivery of goods in Ternopil.

How to order cargo transportation in Ternopil?

To carry out cargo transportation, you need to order the service in advance, but you can also make an urgent order with us. To do this, you just need to call our manager or leave a request on the website in a special form, after which we will contact you quickly to clarify all the details of transportation.

The manager will help you, answer all your questions and provide professional advice. After that, he will promptly make a trip plan, the number of tasks, think over the whole process and at the specified time the movers will come to you. Ordering a cargo taxi from the logistics company Mac-Trans is a guarantee that any of your cargo will be safe and sound, and the transportation will be at the highest level.

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