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Trade and economic relations between producers and buyers include mandatory transportation of various goods. Cargo transportation in Vinnitsa can be carried out by both manufacturers themselves and professional logistics companies. In any case, the main task for the customer is not only affordable and prompt transportation, but also safe transportation of products.

The best option would be to contact the experienced specialists of the company Mac-Trans, which offers a wide range of services, affordable cost of transportation and a guarantee of the safety of your cargo. You can order cargo transportation in Vinnitsa from us in the shortest possible time.

What determines the cost of cargo transportation in Vinnitsa?

Cargo delivery in Vinnytsia is a complex and time-consuming task that needs to be carried out with full responsibility. The manager receives all the data about the transportation, after which he is engaged in the organization and preparation of contracts. The price for this service is usually formed individually and depends on several factors:

  • general requirements for compliance with the conditions of cargo transportation, which correspond to the specifics of delivery;
  • the need for special equipment and loading cranes to properly load the cargo;
  • the need to comply with a special temperature regime or search for a special car;
  • duration of the cargo transportation route in Vinnytsia;
  • weather conditions, the season of transportation and the quality of the road surface.

The price is largely influenced by which vehicle is used, and what additional functions it has. In addition, the delivery of oversized cargo is a separate type of transportation, which also includes additional planning, preparation of permits and other details.

When it is necessary to transport products with a limited shelf life or medical preparations, then cars with the ability to maintain a constant temperature regime are used. For a more accurate calculation of the price of cargo transportation in Vinnitsa, contact our manager. You can reduce costs if you order a large batch of transportation or organization of combined cargo.

Freight rates

Gazelle Five - ton Destitonnik Eurofura

load capacity up to 2 tons

width: 1.8-1.9 m

height: 1.7-2 m

length: 2.8-3.2 m

load capacity 5 tons

width: 2 m

height: 2.45 m

length: 3.5-6 m

load capacity 5-15 tons

width: 2.4-2.5 m

height: 1.8-3 m

length: 5-8 m

load capacity 20 tons

width: 2.45 m

height: 2.75 m

length: 13 m

Price: from 27 UAHPrice: from 30 UAH Price: from 34 UAH Price: from 40 UAH *The approximate cost of transportation is indicated!

To clarify, call the phone number listed on the website.What can be transported by cargo taxi in Vinnytsia?

Usually transport companies work with certain types of cargo, but Mac-Trans is distinguished by professionalism and can deliver a wide variety of types of products.

  • Building materials of different sizes and formats.
  • Apartment moving or office cargo transportation in Ukraine.
  • Delivery of sporting goods, industrial machinery and special equipment.
  • Transportation of furniture and household appliances.
  • Food or goods for points of sale.
  • Valuable documents or jewelry.
  • Perishable goods or medical products.

For each type of cargo transportation in the city of Vinnytsia and the region, the appropriate transport is used. The greatest demand is for cargo transportation by gazelle or minibus, and for large goods - by van or trawl. We deliver any volume of cargo from 1 ton to 20 tons, including transportation of oversized products.

What are the advantages of transporting goods in Vinnitsa from Mac-Trans?

The Mac-Trans company is truly professional specialists who have many years of work experience. To order a cargo taxi and services, you just need to leave a request in the feedback form or call us at the contact phone number. Thanks to extensive experience, managers and other employees quickly organize the transportation of any cargo. Loading and unloading is carried out by qualified craftsmen, as well as transportation and organization.

Due to the presence of our own fleet, we can provide you with the necessary transport in the shortest possible time, which is ideal for your product. In addition, we have a modern approach to cargo transportation, and also use high-quality equipment for loading.

The logistics company Mac-Trans is your guarantee of fast and reliable transportation.

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