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Over the past few years, trucking by road has become increasingly popular in the Ukrainian market of providing services. Their volumes are regularly increasing, which affects the emergence of new transport companies providing the relevant service. Among a large number of them, it is not so easy to find exactly the one that will meet all the necessary requirements and standards. Fortunately, there are us. Mac-Trans specialists will do everything necessary to ensure that your cargo is delivered on time.

Cargo transportation Kiev-Zaporozhye is one of the most popular destinations

Now the delivery of cargo from Kiev to Zaporozhye takes much less time than a few years ago. This is the correct organization of the work. We carry out the transportation of any cargo, offering our customers the most financially advantageous options. Our fleet consists of dozens of cars that differ in body type (platform, container, tank, etc.) and load capacity (5, 10 and 20 tons). There are also differences in the loading method. It can be top, side or back. Depending on the type of your cargo, we will select a car that will suit you in all respects.

If you decide to order cargo transportation from Kiev to Zaporozhye from our transport company, you will get a number of advantages. First of all, this is the price for performing all types of work. Our specialists will be able to load and unload cargo at the final destination, pick up the most suitable car and much more. Don't worry, it won't cost you much at all.

Cargo delivery from Zaporozhye to Kiev by car: main advantages

First of all, it is the possibility of delivering cargo directly from the sender to the recipient. This option is very convenient and profitable, because the cost of loading is reduced, there is no need to overload from one vehicle to another, etc. The speed of delivery is also an important factor that many customers pay attention to, especially if the cargo is perishable.

Our company specializes in ensuring that the transportation of goods from Zaporozhye to Kiev, as well as to other regions of Ukraine, is fast and of high quality. You don't have to waste time looking for a decent transport company, because we are there. Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, specialists will select the vehicle that will meet all the needs of your cargo. We provide an individual approach to each client. Thanks to the efficiency of the staff, the reception and execution of orders does not take much time.

Cargo insurance

Before sending the car on the flight, we insure the cargo for the amount that the client will announce. Despite the reliability of our cars and a high-class staff of drivers, various troubles can happen on the way. Thus, we protect you from possible financial losses.

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