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Moving is always an exciting event. You pack things, try to organize everything quickly and efficiently, and also inexpensively. But there is always not enough time to search for a car and movers, contractors fail, force majeure situations arise.

Problems are easy to avoid – just contact the specialists of "Mac-Trans". They will help to transport things to and from Rivne or around the city. All that is required of you is to put the property in boxes. The rest of the nuances will be resolved by us. You are calmly doing more important things.

Apartment moves across Rivne and all over Ukraine with movers

Unlike intermediaries and individuals who earn with the help of a personal car, we offer a high-quality service with full support for reasonable money. Apartment crossings of Rivne - Ukraine are serviced exclusively by cars from the Mc-Trans fleet. We attract proven movers in different cities who have been working for us for several years.

The process proceeds according to the following scheme:

  • You call our manager, order a cost calculation, are pleasantly surprised by the prices, place an order and start packing.
  • On the appointed day, a car of the required volume arrives. Movers mark all boxes and furniture, additionally wrap them in special materials, correctly place them in the body and securely fasten. The car goes to the destination.
  • Moving to Rivne is completed when the movers bring your things to the new housing, remove the packaging and clean up the garbage. Each unit is marked in a special form in order to exclude loss.

You just have to do home improvement. It's simple!

Apartment relocation from Rivne – popular destinations

"Private owners" will not be able to implement such a service. To export things to European countries, you need permits, cars of the appropriate class that have certain certificates. It is much more difficult than moving to Rivne from another city in Ukraine, but there are no problems for our specialists. They will do everything at the highest level. Our experience makes it possible to guarantee moving of any scale. 

Office relocation from Rivne with movers

One of the most popular services of the company is the organization of moving offices at any distance. You will no longer have to look for a responsible driver, think over the road, monitor the movers so that nothing is broken and dragged away. Our employees will do everything.

Transportation of furniture by movers from Rivne involves the departure of a team of specialists to the place of dispatch; packing things in protective material, marking; proper placement and fixation of cargo in the back of the car; unloading with disposal of used packaging outside your new home or office.

As a result: Your nerves are calm, things are intact, and the budget has not received a blow, because the office was ordered to move to Rivne inexpensively from Mac-Trans. 

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