Cargo transportation to Portugal

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Cargo transportation from Portugal to Ukraine involves crossing the borders of different countries. For this reason, working with this direction requires route optimization and competent planning.

Fast and reliable cargo transportation from Portugal

If you just need to deliver cargo from Portugal or bring it to this state, contact our company's services. "Mac-Trans” means strict compliance with deadlines and adequate costs for customs clearance. Leave a request, and our specialist will call you back to clarify the nuances.

Cargo delivery from Portugal to Ukraine: main features

Portugal is a country that actively exports agricultural products. Mostly fruits, vegetables, as well as various exotic goods are transported from here. It is logical that for the transportation of such products it is necessary to observe a special temperature regime. When choosing cars for cargo transportation, the specialists of our company necessarily take this into account. We provide an appropriate temperature regime for the safety of perishable products.

Other cargo transportation from Portugal is also possible:

  • complete and combined loads;
  • oversized;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • equipment, components and spare parts for equipment;
  • appliances;
  • pharmacy products;
  • clothing and textiles;
  • chemical cargoes.

Portugal has developed various industries, such as auto and shipbuilding, clothing, textile industry, etc. In cooperation with foreign suppliers, you will be able to purchase high-quality products that are in demand in Ukraine. At the same time, even taking into account the cost of delivery, the final savings will be from 30 to 70%. 

In any case, our price for the delivery of goods from Portugal is reasonable and one of the most attractive on the Ukrainian market. Make sure of this by sending the information to our specialists to calculate the cost.

Estimated price of cargo delivery from Ukraine to Portugal

Direction Distance Price
Eurofura (20 tons)
Kiev - Lisbon 4,100 km. 5 740 EUR
Kiev - Porto 4,000 km. 5 600 EUR
Kiev - Amadora 4,150 km. 5 810 EUR
Kiev - Braga 3,950 km. 5 530 EUR

Cargo delivery to Portugal: a service from Mac-Trans

We have everything to perform high-quality international delivery. The fleet has a lot of equipment for the transportation of any volume of general, combined, oversized cargo. We also accept specific shipments due to a developed partner network.

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We have a waiting:

  1. Individual selection of routes. Logisticians analyze in detail all the parameters of the goods, the workload of the direction, seasonality, the current situation in Portugal. They will determine the best option specifically for your situation, which will minimize costs and time costs.
  2. Guarantee of cargo safety and compliance with deadlines, which is prescribed in the contract. All conditions regarding the transportation of goods from Portugal are specified in the agreement that you sign in cooperation with our organization. We take full responsibility for compliance with the agreed deadlines, as well as the condition of the cargo. Any violations on our part will be compensated.
  3. Cargo insurance under a standard or special policy with the addition of special items. This is especially true for the transportation of oversized goods. You get a guarantee of protection of your cargo, and without increasing the total cost.

In addition to the delivery of goods, each client can also order forwarding services, security, placement in a warehouse. That is, you receive comprehensive assistance from MakTrans. Do not doubt that entrusting cargo transportation to Portugal to our team is a reasonable decision.

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