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Cargo taxi services are a common service of many logistics organizations. However, not everyone knows how convenient it is. We are used to the fact that a taxi is the transportation of passengers. In fact, a cargo taxi in Zhytomyr is the provision to the customer of a vehicle that can transport not only cargo, but also passengers, as well as the provision of movers' services, proper packaging, loading and unloading at the destination.

Features of cargo taxi in Zhytomyr

  • Significant reduction in the cost of the service. Cars are transport, which is one of the most economical in the field of freight transportation. Gazelles are most often used as cargo taxis, which have low fuel consumption, are roomy and maneuverable. It is this car that will be able to make delivery to where the truck or oversized will not arrive. 
  • Development of an effective route. Whichever logistics company you contact in order to order cargo transportation, the service staff will help you calculate the cost of a cargo taxi in advance. The price of the services provided primarily depends on the distance and complexity of the route. However, if something confuses you in the proposed route, the transportation route can be changed according to the customer's requirements. 
  • Ordering a cargo taxi to Zhytomyr is the right solution for organizing turnkey cargo transportation. You will not have to reload the goods from one car to another. The car is delivered to the customer's address, its loading, cargo transportation and unloading of the client's property at the destination is carried out.
  • Provision of the first available vehicle. The customer will not have to wait until a car appears in the fleet. At the specified address, the car is promptly delivered, which was released in the area closest to the loading point. 
  • Affordable price. Often, when ordering a large car for apartment relocation or transportation of building materials, you have to pay for the empty space inside the body. In the case of a cargo taxi, this is completely excluded. The same applies to the need to make several trips back and forth. The machine is selected according to the dimensions and type of cargo. Therefore, it can be concluded that a cargo taxi in Zhytomyr will inexpensively deliver a batch of goods from one point of the city to another or by intercity.

The price of a cargo taxi


Cars up to 2 tons Cars up to 5 tons Cars up to 10 tons Cars up to 20 tons

width: 1.8-1.9 m

height: 1.7-2 m

length: 2.8-3.2 m

width: 2 m

height: 2.45 m

length: 3.5-6 m

width: 2.4-2.5 m

height: 1.8-3 m

length: 5-8 m

width: 2.45 m

height: 2.75 m

length: 13 m

Minimum time: 2 hours Minimum time: 3 hours Minimum time: 3 hours Minimum time: 4 hours
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First of all, this type of delivery is used when organizing apartment or office moves. It doesn't matter if you are transporting a studio apartment or a penthouse. Specially trained personnel of the transport company will help to disassemble the furniture, pack the equipment correctly, load all the property on board the car and make careful unloading at the destination. In addition, when ordering this service, you can not worry about the integrity of your property. When issuing an insurance policy, the company bears full responsibility for possible damage to the cargo during its transportation.

Delivery of construction equipment and garbage collection. If you are the owner of a private house, it is mandatory that unnecessary junk accumulates in a certain part of the yard, which does not fit into a regular car. The same applies to the transportation of construction materials, for the delivery of which it is very expensive to order a large car. Contact the Mc-Trans cargo taxi service and order a car according to your needs and the dimensions of the cargo. We offer our customers the most affordable prices for a cargo taxi in Zhytomyr.

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